Food Sector

A healthy Oregon is good for us all. Healthier Oregonians means lower health care costs, vibrant communities, and a more productive workforce.

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  • Healthy Food Financing Initiative
    We like this approach because it is statewide, sustainable, and targets underserved communities both rural and urban. One example is the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative – a statewide program designed to attract supermarkets and grocery stores to underserved urban and rural communities. The State seeded the program with a $30 million grant and leveraged the Pennsylvania Reinvestment Fund to leverage an additional $145 million to provide loans and grants for predevelopment, acquisition, equipment, and construction costs.

  • Guiding Stars Nutrition Rating System
    Guiding Stars is a nutrition guidance program that rates the nutritional quality of food using information from the Nutriiton Facts Panel and the ingredients list. Foods are rated and receive a score based on the assignment of credits and debits. We like this approach because of the benefits grocery stores and customers have seen since implementing it. Hannaford stores in Maine, saw immediate changes in what products current customers were purchasing and created a demand for new customers – which not only improved the quality of foods customers were purchasing, but improved the store’s bottom line.

  • ChangeLab Solutions: Assessing and Improving Neighborhood Food Stores
    We like this resource because it offers strategies for engaging the community while working with local retailers (e.g. grocery stores, small markets, corner stores) to improve the quality of their food.

  • National Farm to School Network
    The network has a clearinghouse of resources aimed at helping all participants in the supply chain get more fresh local produce in school food, provide nutrition and agricultural education, school gardens, and experiential learning opportunities for kids.

  • Blue Zones Project
    Cambia Health Foundation has generously provided leadership funding to make these resources to all Oregon schools for three years. We like these tools in particular because they’ve shown measurable results in other communities and are part of a framework that has similar tools for other organizations throughout a community. This uniquely offers the ability to build a social movement.

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