Government (City, County, State)

A healthy Oregon is good for us all. Healthier Oregonians means lower health care costs, vibrant communities, and a more productive workforce.

Help us achieve this goal by signing on to the movement to make healthy choices easier where you live, learn, work and play. Gain access to our growing community of organizations dedicated to our goal of ensuring all Oregonians are healthy, improving health equity, and making Oregon the healthiest state in the nation . Find opportunities to network with like-minded individuals finding innovative ways to improve the health of the people around them. Be inspired to make positive changes that benefit you, your family, your employees, and your community. Over 70 of your fellow Oregonian organizations have already signed on. Join them.

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Tools for Healthier Government

  • Preserving Affordable Housing Policy Toolkit
    Policy Link. Throughout Oregon communities are struggling to accommodate growth and remain affordable. This toolkit outlines a set of key recommendations communities should consider as part of an overall approach to preserving, protecting, and enhancing affordable housing. It also provides a policy toolkit across six policy areas.

  • Development Without Displacement
    Community development often occurs with great intentions and strong economic improvements but has unintended consequences of displacing communities of color and low-income residents which results in poor health outcomes. This document illuminates the problem and provides recommendations to help community development occur without displacing current residents.

  • HEAL Cities
    The HEAL Cities campaign is a partnership between the League of Oregon Cities and the Oregon Public Health Institute, made possible with generous support from Kaiser Permanente. We like HEAL cities because it has the full support of the industry and provides a manageable entry point to begin to make it easier for people who live in their cities to make healthy choices.

  • Blue Zones Project
    Cambia Health Foundation has generously provided leadership funding to make these resources to all Oregon schools for three years. We like these tools in particular because they’ve shown measurable results in other communities and are part of a framework that has similar tools for other organizations throughout a community. This uniquely offers the ability to build a social movement.

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