Oregon Healthiest State Summit 2015

Over 250 attendees
First State of Health in Oregon Delivered by Dr. Joe Robertson
Diverse participation in panels representing over 15 organizations
Cultivated two emerging workgroups around mental and emotional health and early interventions

2015 Oregon Healthiest State Summit – Welcome
Mike Alexander, Retired CEO, Urban League of Portland

2015 Oregon Healthiest State Summit: Panel – Changing the Context in Sectors

Panel Members:
Julia Brim Edwards, Senior Director of Global Strategy and Operations, Government & Public Affairs, Nike
Scott Parrish, Chief Executive Officer, A-Dec
Chuck Bennett, Oregon Association of School Administrators
Sandra Larson, Mayor, City of Veneta, Oregon
Dan Gaffney, Clatsop Kinder Ready
Patrick Criteser, Chief Executive Officer, Tillamook County Creamery Association

2015 Oregon Healthiest State Summit – Panel: Changing the Context in Local Communities

Panel Members:
Ed Ray, President, Oregon State University
Bianca Fernandez, Community Health Worker & Program Manager, The Next Door, Inc
Paul Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Sky Lake Medical Center
Sandra Slattery, Executive Director, Ashland Chamber of Commerce
Alan Delatorre, PhD, Research Associate, Portland State University Institute of Aging

State of Oregon Health Presentation
Dr Joseph E. Robertson, President, Oregon Health Sciences University

Oregon Healthiest State Summit: Panel – Statewide Initiatives

Panel members:
Lillian Shipley, Director of Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority
John Hancock, Executive Director, Junior Achievement
John Sweet, County Commissioner, Coos Bay
Bobby Cochran, Willamette Partnership
Emily Henke, Oregon Public Health Institute
Melissa Freeman, Oregon Community Foundation
Jeff Todahl, Director, Center for Prevention of Abuse and Neglect, University of Oregon